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Tucumán Value Club

Welcome to the Tucumán Value Dove Shooting program! With several wingshooting outfitters in Argentina to choose from, finding a professional program that won’t break the bank is a challenge, and that is what we are delivering with this very special shooting opportunity located in the province of Tucumán. The province is known as one of the best, if not the very best location for high, high, volume doves. If you love great dove shooting but also appreciate value, Tucumán Value Club is just right for you!


About Tucumán Value Club

We are located in the northern province of Tucumán, where dove flights will literally defy your imagination; you can shoot non-stop from dawn to dusk if that is what you are after. Great shooting is our priority, and we deliver it along with friendly service. Accommodations? You’ll stay in a very charming, comfortable hotel chosen personally by our team. The property is well known for its great service and close proximity to our shooting locations.

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But back to the value – the reason we can offer this trip at such a great rate is that we bundle everything together and that keeps our costs low. We include everything you need to have a great shooting holiday, all your meals and soft drinks, guided hunting (including 1500 shotgun shells), plus your gun rental and hunting fees. Everything is clean and tidy and there are no hidden fees!

Why Choose Tucumán Value Club?

  • No hidden charges– offers an incomparable sporting experience, but at a great value.
  • Everything related to great dove shooting is included, guided shooting, land transport, three meals a day plus gun rental, hunting fees, and 1500 shells.
  • Easy in and out to/from Tucumán via Buenos Aires, travel is easy. With less than a two-hour ride from Tucumán Airport (TUC), or just 15 minutes from the Río Hondo airport (RHD); most flights will have you arriving in the morning, and swinging a shotgun just after lunch.
  • A Proven program operated by local outfitters with years of experience in the area- we will put you under the doves every single day.
  • You are not paying for anything you don’t need- this program is comfortable and friendly, but not fancy. The focus is on great shooting in the field and easy downtime when you are not.
  • Lunch in the field assures a full day of hunting and no time lost driving to and from the lodge.
  • Only self-sufficient game management program in the industry: we plant crops exclusively for doves, which provide constant and unlimited amounts of food for the birds.
  • More than 120.000 acres of land means that you will shoot a challenging mix of scenarios, so you can enjoy variety and quality hunting year-round
  • Ideal for small groups – families, close friends, business groups.


You’ll stay in a very charming, comfortable local hotel chosen personally by our team. The property is well known for its great service and close proximity to our shooting locations.

  • Capacity: up to 14 hunters.
  • Accommodations: based on double occupancy. You’ll be staying on a fine local hotel, very close to the hunting fields.
  • Typical Argentine dining with Argentina’s famed beef, traditional Aasado.
  • (BBQs) and delicious desserts.
  • Wi-Fi Internet access, Satellite telephone, and satellite TV.
  • Maid and laundry service.
  • Professional, experienced local hunting guides and field assistants.
  • Gun rental, with a selection of 20 ga. semiautomatic Benelli shotguns.


What time of the year should I come?

Dove hunting season runs all year round, but the locations vary according to the harvest time. From March until June, the highest volume of doves is found mostly on the feedlots and fields where the corn harvest took place, where the doves have temporary roost areas. In early June the doves return to their usual roost area with over 40 thousand hectares of forest, where they find important rivers that allow them to stay for a long period, until late February.

Getting There

To get to Tucumán there are daily direct flights from many U.S. or European cities to Buenos Aires (Ezeiza Intl. Airport – EZE). From EZE hunters will need to make a connection to RHD or TUC airport (both airports are 2 hr. flight) or transfer to the Domestic airport Jorge Newbery – AEP (40’ to 1 hr. drive), and connect there to RHD or TUC. Once at the hotel, you are conveniently close to terrific dove fields with drives on average no more than 40 minutes to the shooting fields.


Tucumán Value Club is located in the province of the same name, in northern Argentina, in the town of Termas de Río Hondo. The driving time from Tucumán Airport (TUC) to the hotel is 1 hr. and 45 minutes by paved road or only 15 minutes from Río Hondo Airport (RHD).

Nicknamed ‘’The Garden of the Republic’’, the province of Tucumán is one of the most productive agricultural areas in the country. In addition, its temperate weather and excellent roost conditions create a perfect storm to produce an overwhelming dove population that grows constantly, creating the best dove shooting in the world.

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2017 - Kau Tapen lodge - PH Stephan Dombaj - Fly Fishing Nation (46)
2019 - Suinda Lodge - PH Matt Jones (75)-4
Tucuman Dove Shooting_2
Dove Hunting in Tucuman_20


The Hunting

What to expect on the fields

There are roughly twenty-five shooting positions that are just a short drive away through the region’s rich farmland. The overwhelming number of birds flying over our terrain throughout the day guarantees great opportunities for non-stop shooting, suitable for all skill levels. Beginners have an unparalleled opportunity to improve their shooting skills by targeting low-flying doves, while more experienced shooters will find higher, faster targets a challenge. And like elsewhere in Argentina where doves are abundant, there is no bag limit.

In addition to the acreage surrounding the lodge, we also have the exclusive rights to many of the most revered dove hunting properties in the province, in the highlands and plains areas. The options available, depending on the time of year:

  • Shot migration routes: a point between the resting area and the feeding field.
  • Fields: crops, such as soybeans, corn, or sorghum (especially from March to May).
  • Food Batches: Birds congregate to harvest large food batches. They are excellent hunting options at certain times of the year (March to July).
  • Waterholes: These are excellent options to photograph, especially in summer (October to April).

In the field, you will be assigned a field assistant who will provide you with shells and refreshments, direct you to your shooting stand and serve as a loader should you wish. Assistants are equipped with radios for easy and fast communication and can quickly solve any small problem that might arise. You will be visited by your field guide many times throughout who will help you with any need, even giving you some tips on how to shoot particular shots if desired.

The Daily Program

Morning will begin with a wake-up call, approximately an hour before departure time. Breakfast will be served shortly thereafter, then it is off to the vehicles for the shooting day.  The morning shoot will begin upon arrival at the field. You will be met by your field assistant, and escorted to your shooting position.

Depending on the time of the year, you will shoot until noon each day, then enjoy an incredible lunch, shaded by a comfortable tent or unique hand-made shelter. After lunch, and a short siesta, the afternoon shooting begins at around 2 – 2:30, and continues until around 5:00pm, after which you will return to the hotel,  followed by a delicious dinner and time to relax.

Sample Itinerary

  • Day 1: Arrival at Termas de Río Hondo Airport (RHD) or Tucumán Airport (TUC), direct transfer to the shooting field, shooting and lunch depending on schedule, nap and afternoon dove shooting, return to the hotel for dinner, and overnight stay.
  • Day 2: Breakfast, morning dove shooting, lunch/nap, afternoon dove shooting, dinner, and overnight stay.
  • Day 3: Breakfast, morning dove shooting, lunch/nap, afternoon dove shooting, dinner, and overnight stay.
  • Day 4: Breakfast, morning dove shooting, lunch and afternoon departure to Termas de Río Hondo Airport (RHD) or Tucumán Airport (TUC) for the return flight home.
Dove Hunting in Tucuman_11
Women Hunting 5 - PH Sergio Panigo
Dove Hunting in Tucuman_9
Dove Hunting in Tucuman_10
Field Experience - the tents - PH Sergio Panigo
Field Experience - toast on the field - having lunch - PH Sergio Panigo
Field Experience - nap time - PH Sergio Panigo
Dove Hunting in Tucuman_14
Dove Hunting in Tucuman_17
Field Experience, bird boy loading the guns - PH Sergio Panigo
Pica Zuro Lodge Guns_5
Dove Shooting 7 - PH Sergio Panigo
Women Hunting 3 - PH Sergio Panigo
Dove Hunting in Tucuman_22
Dove Hunting in Tucuman_7
Dove Hunting in Tucuman_6



Season 2022 – All year round

* Prices are in US$ and per person

This is an all-inclusive package for 3 nights and 6 hunts. We have a limited amount of packages for this program up to December 2022, so please CONTACT US for availability. Rate is $ 1,995.00 p/person for groups of 4 hunters, based on shared occupancy and blind.


  • Lodging for 3 nights at a local hotel, and 6 dove shooting sessions
  • All meals and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Hunting Licenses
  • Gun Rental for all 6 hunts
  • 60 boxes of shells (1500 rounds)
  • Professional guide service and field assistants
  • Payment to landowners for hunting rights

Not Included

  • Airfares
  • All alcoholic beverages
  • Ground Transfers to/from the Airport
  • Any extra cartridges
  • Gratuities for guides and house staff
  • Laundry service, and International Phone calls
  • Tours, shopping trips, etc.
  • Any items of a strictly personal nature; Baggage overweight charges; Personal and baggage insurance; Cost of itinerary modifications requested by passenger.

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